Neobux is a way to earn money from the internet by viewing advertisements. All you need to do is to watch short advertisements with timer, when it ends you get credited the amount set for the ad. They are the most respectable way to earn money from the internet with over 19 million people signed up. They started this great website in the 2008 and are paying every time on time since then.
Anyone can join Neobux because it is free to join.

Before you join Neobux you have to open account at PayPal, Payza or Neteller to withdraw your money. After you register in one of these payment processors just put your email that you use for them in the signup form.
Now you can signup for Neobux from here.

Now just click on 'View Advertisements' tab and click on the add and then on the red dot. Wait for the ad to load and that is all you have won from 0.001$-0.02$

After every paid ad you get 3 Ad Prize ads that you can see below the other ads. These Ad Prize ads can give you at random 0.25$-50$ , 10-10000 neopoints or Golden Membership.

Download AdAlert this is a browser addon that makes sound every time there is new advertisement for you to watch. Use the settings I use for it from Personal Settings

You can earn from direct referrals these are people that have signed up under you referral link. You will get this link after you have seen 100 ads and been member at Neobux for 15 days. You don't pay anything for them. Tell you friends, tell your family, make a website like mine explaining what Neobux is all about.

There is other referrals called rented. These are people that you can rent from Neobux. When you get at first they will earn for you for 30 days. Before their period is over you have to renew them for 15/30/60/90/150/240 days . The bigger the renew period is the bigger discount you will get from the price you pay for them, so it is the best to renew them for 240 days.

The strategy for standard members is to make 4$ from clicking ads and from the 'Ad Prizes'.  Rent the minimum amount of 3 rented referrals and renew them for 240 days after somewhere before their first 30 days expire. Continue to rent 3 referrals every time you have 4$. You also have to recycle the inactive rented referrals to make bigger profit it will cost you 0.07$. If they haven't clicked for 7 days recycle them and get more active ones. You should also recycle them if they have lower than 1.4 AVG (average) clicks but wait to see after they have been your referral for ~10 days. Keep in mind that your main priority is all your referrals to be renewed for 240 days. After all have been renewed than start renting. When you reach 300 rented referrals stop renting and just renew and recycle them.

It is time to buy golden membership when you have reached 300 rented referrals and have enough money for renewing and recycling all your referrals and accumulated 90$ for the upgrade. With it you will earn double the money from your rented referrals and be able to start renting more than 300 referrals up to 2000. Recycle the referrals that haven't clicked for 7 days and recycle the referrals that have AVG less than 0.9 after ~10 days they have been your referrals. Continue to rent bigger amounts of rented referrals at this point you will earn more money and you can rent bigger amount of rented referrals.

After you have reached 2000 referrals and all have been renewed for 240 days it is time to save money for ultimate membership it costs 890$ for 1 year but this will unlock to ability to rent above 2000 referrals. Also after 7 days your referrals will be recycled automatically by the system and it will be free - this means you won't have to give a dime more for recycling. And much more cool stuff like more fixed ads, you can withdraw money everyday... After reaching 4000 rented referrals I advise you to stop renting and only renew your referrals and withdraw the money that are surplus. You can continue to rent even after 4000 referrals but the cost of them starts from 0.6$-1.2$ . There are people with 20,000-25,000 rented referrals.

Happy earning and please join Neobux from my referral link